Submersible Winding Wires


Mital Copper is engaged in production and supply of the best quality Submersible Winding Wires that is widely served to pump industries worldwide. We use 99.99% purity oxygen free EC Grade Copper Rods and best quality BOPP and polypropylene tapes which makes product far more superior than others.

Mital Copper's submersible winding wire is manufactured from 99.99% pure electrolytic grade of copper. It is drawn and annealed in fully automatic online plant in our own factory premises. For extra softness the conductor is annealed to our high standards.


  • High conductivity
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Various sizes available
  • Allows wires to operate under water for over long periods
  • Comes with minimum insulation thickness that allows smooth insertion in stator slots
  • Availed at industry leading prices

Technical Specifications

Name of test Value specified in standards for PVC insulated winding wire Values obtained on Polywin (Polymer Insulated) winding wire Remarks
Thickness of Insulation 0.35 mm 0.20 mm Approx. 40% minitiarised
Heat shock test The insulation shall not show any crack Satisfactory Ok
High Voltage test To withstand 3KV(rms) for one minute Withstood Ok
Shrinkage test The shrinkage shall not exceed 4% 3.5% Ok

Insulation resistance (VoltageResistivity) Ohm-cm

1. At 27°C 1.28 x 1013 6.18 x 1016 Far Superior
2. At 70°C 1.28 x 1013 55.03 x 1014 Far Superior
3. At 85°C 1.46 x 109 20.63 x 1014 Far Superior
4. At 100°C 1.46 x 109 41.27 x 1013 Far Superior